How Can PPC & Inbound Marketing Work Together?

It’s an interesting question to ask.

Quick facts: To date, Inbound marketing is primarily focused on 4 major components.

  1. Blogs
  2. Email
  3. Social Media
  4. Landing Pages

Inbound marketing gets results. PR2020 published a book on just how effective the Inbound strategy can be (you’ll have to buy it to see their results). Basically the gist of a great inbound campaign focuses on Generating Leads, Converting those leads with a CTA (Call To Action), Closing the lead with the proper workflow, and finally making the customer happy by showing them smarter content. In practice, Inbound marketing results in more back links and “crawl-able” content.

Using Inbound marketing and PPC isn’t talked about often. (which is why we are talking about it)

First – PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising are those ads you see on the right side of your Google search screen and often “Premium Ad Space” is reserved for the top of the search window. (See image)



So how do you take the age-old (not that old) method of PPC ads and make them work for your inbound strategy?

Simple! just link the ads to relevant landing pages!

If you take the time to link your ads to landing pages specifically built to capture leads, you will have an even deeper understanding of which ads work the best. You should be paying attention to this through an analytic setup of some kind. Most commonly, people use Google Analytics.

Wait… you mentioned “Landing Pages”

That’ll be in another post… stay tuned for our Landing Page update!

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