The Best Keyword Research Tips with HubSpot and Google Web Master Tools

Back in October of 2017 I did some research on the Google queries in the United States where our home page appeared in the search results. At that time, had appeared in 12,721 search results across 610 different keyword phrases over a period of the past 90 days. Intrigued, I went a step further… I took a few extraContinue reading “The Best Keyword Research Tips with HubSpot and Google Web Master Tools”

What is the Role of Marketing Operations?

NOTE: This post was originally shared on* The television series Mad Men portrays the bustling world of advertising in the 1960’s when it first rose to prominence as its own driving force. Over the last ten years, a similar seismic shift in marketing has taken place. For decades, many corporations had their own marketing departments, oftenContinue reading “What is the Role of Marketing Operations?”

Setting Default Values for Personalization Tokens in HubSpot Emails and Website Content

What I failed to do was two things:

I normally send emails with a different intro, something like “Hi”, “Hey”, or “Hello” which doesn’t look bad when the First Name field is empty.

If the intro requires a default value I’ll typically set the value to “friend” since this seems to be the best alternative for a missing First Name field value.